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How The Tulsi Plant Was Born?

The Tulsi plant is considered very sacred in the Hindu religion. Tulsi Vivah is celebrated on the day of Kartik Shukla Ekadashi, on this day married women seek blessings of their happy family from Tulsi Mata. Tulsi Mata and Lord Shaligram are married with all the rituals on tulsi vivah. There are many mythological stories about Tulsi’s vivah.

Tulsi vivah

According to the Narada Purana, once upon a time the deities, sages, and humans were all very upset by the atrocities of the demon king Jalandhar. He was very mighty and brave.

The Marriage of Mata Tulsi & Lord Shaligram?

Tulsi was the wife of the demon Jalandhar, she was a woman with good qualities of a husband, but she was unhappy because of her husband’s sins. That’s why he devoted his mind to Vishnu’s devotion. The wrath of Jalandhar had exaggerated loads, due to which Lord Vishnu killed him. when the death of her husband, Pativrata Tulsi became sati by adopting the faith of Sati

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Why Is Devuthani/Prabhodini Ekadashi Celebrated?

It is said that the Tulsi plant was born from his ashes and it was because of his thoughts and qualities that the Tulsi plant became so beneficial. Due to Tulsi’s virtues, Lord Vishnu married her at the next birth. That’s the reason behind Tulsi Vivah is celebrated every year.

Special Benefits of Fasting on Tulsi Vivah

  • Sins are Destroyed

It is said that whoever observes the Ekadashi fast with reverence, all his harmful rites are destroyed and salvation is attained.

  • Tulsi Puja

More importantly, Tulsi Maa’s spiritual wedding with Lord Shaligram also takes place on this day. People celebrate these marriages in homes and temples. Importance of worshiping Mata Tulsi on this day. Cult of Shaligram and Tulsi suppresses Pitra Dosh.

  • Vishnu Worship

On this day special importance was attached to worshiping Lord Vishnu. If you do not recite any worship on this day and just chant the mantra “Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah”, then you will benefit.

  • Chandra Dosh is Removed

People who have a weak moon in their horoscope should stand firm on Nirjal Ekadashi by eating water and fruits. Because of this, the Moon God is satisfied and his mental state also improves after correcting his moon.

  • Importance of Sugarcane

On this day, at night, a square of rice flour is made in homes and it is adorned with sugar cane on top. It is said that in the house where this worship is done, the blessings of Lord Vishnu remain in it.

Devuthani Gyaras or Prabodhini Ekadashi Fasting Method

  • On this day(tulsi vivah), you need to wake up before sunrise and do daily work, take a bath, etc.
  • After taking the resolution of fasting before sunrise, worship Lord Surya Dev at sunrise and offer Ardhya.
  • A fasting fast is observed on this day, on the second day the fast is considered complete by worshiping Baras and food is taken.
  • Many people sing and dance with reciting bhajans on this day.
  • On this day the importance of offering Shami Patra, Bull Patra, and Tulsi is told.
  • Tulsi marriage has significance on the day of Devuthani Gyaras or Prabodhini Ekadashi.

How Tulsi Vivah is Performed at Home (Tulsi Vivah Puja Vidhi)
Many people do Tulsi vivah every year on Kartik Gyaras day at home.
Many people do Tulsi marriage in a big way with the method of complete marriage.

  • There is a Tulsi plant in everyone’s house in Hinduism. On this day the pot of the plant or Vrindavan is decorated.
  • Mandaps are built all around. Most people will decorate the mandap with sugarcane & flowers.
  • The idol of Lord Vishnu is installed.
  • By combining Tulsi and Vishnu Ji, worship is done with complete rituals.
  • Many people organize such an event in their homes and call a pundit and complete the entire wedding ceremony.
  • Many people complete the wedding ritual by worshiping and chanting the Om Namo Vasudevaya Namah mantra.
  • Prasad is distributed after worshiping with family members.
  • Celebrations are made by preparing many types of dishes and a new medicine is applied.

From the day of Tulsi’s marriage, closed auspicious works begin for four months. The gift is also important on Tulsi’s wedding day. Many people have the virtue of donating to a girl by donating to Tulsi.
The gift of the cow is also prominent in the scriptures on this day. The gift of the cow is considered equal to the virtue of many pilgrimages.

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