Navratri in Burhanpur District

Why Navratri is Celebrated?

Navratri in Burhanpur District.There are two mythological beliefs behind the celebration of the Navratri festival. According to one belief, there was a demon named Mahishasura who was a devotee of Brahma Ji and had pleased him with his harsh penance (kathor tapasya) , then Brahma Ji asked him to ask for a boon(vardan). He asked for a boon that gods, demons, and any human living on the earth could not kill him. Since Mahishasura was a demon, that’s why after receiving the boon, he started creating terror in the worlds, due to which the deities, along with Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh gave birth to Durga Maa in the form of Maa Shakti. Why Navratri is Celebrated?

The battle between Maa Durga and the demon Mahishasura continued for nine days and on the tenth day, Maa Durga defeated and killed Mahishasura. Navratri festival is celebrated for nine days as the victory of evil over good. In this article we will have a look what is navratri & how Navratri in Burhanpur District.

What is Navratri?

Navratri is a Sanskrit word that is derived from Nav + Ratri which means nine nights. Navratri is an important festival celebrated by the people of the Hindu religion in India.

This festival is celebrated continuously for ten days and its tenth day is known as Dussehra. For these nine nights, nine forms of Maa Durga are worshipped.

From When Navratri is Celebrated in Burhanpur?

The era of statue installation started in the city from 1970. In the phawara chowk where the deity statue is being established in 1971, industrialists, doctors, lawyers, and many famous people of the city, including former MP Thakur Shivkumar Singh, were its members.

Devi statue is being established here continuously except in 1983 on behalf of Navdurga Utsav Committee Navdurga Chowk in phawara Chowk. In 1971, A friends group had gone to Nepanagar to see the goddess statue, where statue is installed by Nepa Ltd. Seeing the atmosphere there, They also got inspired that the goddess idol should be established.

Navratri in Burhanpur District
Navratri in Burhanpur District

Then called a meeting of burhanpur citizens. After permission, the people of burhanpur installed a goddess statue at Phawara Chowk. There was great enthusiasm among all.

Chandi ka Shringar

At Phawara Chowk mata is adorned with 36 kg of silver. It started in 1999. Mata’s weapons, arms, umbrella, crown, bracelet, etc. are kept in it. The special thing is that for the first time the statue of the mata was taken from the sculptor Vaidya & Sons and now till years the sculptor himself presents the statue to the committee.

How Navdurga is Celebrated in Burhanpur ?

After some time, mandaps are prepared a few days before Navdurga started setting up the statues of Mataji in different localities in Burhanpur. To bring the idol of the Goddess, there is a loud preparation by the Mandal.

After worshiping the goddess, mata is welcomed by dancing, accompanied by lezims . Goddess is worshiped for 9 days. They worshiped by performing pooja in the morning & the evening with a couple . At night all the devotees play Garba.

Kanya Poojan in Burhanpur

On the eighth or ninth day of the festival, people worship Kanya. Girls under the age of nine are invited to homes, and pandals and given food and clothes.


As Navratri began, the colors of Garba and dandiya ras began to spread across the country. Garba dance and Dandiya Raas are organized from place to place to please Maa Durga. The beautiful traditional dress and the voice of dandies make the atmosphere of Navratri even more pleasant.

One of the ways to please the Durga maa during the 9 days of Navratri is dance. In the scriptures, dance has been described as a way of spiritual practice. It is organized across the country to please Goddess Durga through Garba dance.

Before starting the Garba, Maa Shakti is invoked by lighting a lamp inside a pitcher with many holes in the soil. Then by dancing around this ‘Garba’, women please Goddess Durga.

Famous Garba in Burhanpur

Aadarsh Colony

In aadarsh colony dress codes are necessary. They decide the colors of each 9 days and make a traditional getup in Kathiyawadi, and the boys are mostly in kurtas. There is a specialty like no one from other locality can come & play.

They only perform Garba with their localities. Competitions were held for boys & girls. The best player gets the gift from Samiti members on the last day of Nava Durga.

Timings are – 10 pm. To 1 am

Shri Krishna Mangal Parisar

This is recently added just for 3days competition. No entry without pass. 500/- for each. Gives garba practice before 5days.

Anyone can take part. No restrictions. Just pass is necessary. Dresscode is necessary. Kathiyavaadi for girls and boys in traditional wear . Best dress up for male & female. Best player for male & female. Such gifts gets awarded by team members

Rajasthani Bhawan

In rajasthani bhawan, one must have pass to play garba. Passes are available at the team members. They will give you passes instantly .passes are of 500/- .Traditional get up must needed for both boys and girls. 5 types of taals were performed. First is 2 taal which is played by hands, second is 5 taal, this taal is played by dandiya for that circles were made up and exchange partners while playing.Third is chagdi which is played by hands . Fourth is 7 taal, played by dandiya , circle are made up , same exchange partners. Fifth is 12 taal, played with dandiya, in form of circle, exchanging partners.

One specialty is they organised garba on Dussehra also. The competition were organised .
Such as –

1 – best dressup both male and female .
2 – best player both male and female.

Timings are : 10 pm To 1 am

Vallabh Bhawan

If you want to see proper gujrati garba then one must go there. No pass , no rules. Any one can play and enjoy. The famous taal they perform was 6 taal which they called it chhagdi. No can ever perform chhagdi better thn gujrati’s.

Most of gujrati went there to play garba from different localities.

Timings : 10 pm to 2 am.

Nepanagar Stadium

A fair is held every year at the Nehru Stadium in Nepanagar during Navratri, the preparations for which start from several days. Sculptors from Bengal come here from many months ago and make idols of Goddess and other Gods. This tradition, which started from the time of NEPA Limited, continues to date and will continue to do so. The beauty of the city increases with this fair.

Programs are organized here from Ghatasthapana (Day 01) to Dussehra (Day 10). These include Jagran, school, college programs, and orchestras, which include artists from Mumbai and outside villages. Devotees also enjoy the fair along with worshiping the Devi. Swings become the center of attraction for everyone. Apart from this, Mickey Mouse and Breakdance swings for children are also held here every year. Also, there are many shops. Everyone enjoys the taste of chaat-pakodi along with the family. Ram-Leela is organized on the day of Dussehra and Ravana is burnt.

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