Ganesh Utsav in Burhanpur 2022

Why Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated?

Shree Ganesh Ji was born into the world on the Chaturthi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada. To that end consistently Ganesh Chaturthi is commended with satisfaction and delight on this day. The festival of the birthday of Lord Ganesha is known as Ganesh Chaturthi. Upon the arrival of Ganesh Chaturthi, Lord Ganesha is loved as the divine force of intelligence, flourishing, and favorable luck. It is accepted that Master Ganesha was brought into the world during the Madhyahna time frame, consequently, the hour of Madhyahna is viewed as more appropriate for Ganesh’s love. In this article we will have a look how’s History and Ganesh Utsav in Burhanpur 2022.


For the first time, the Ganpati festival(Utsav) was celebrated for 10 days from 20 October to 30 October 1894 in Shaniwarwada, Pune. Lokmanya Tilak used to invite a big leader for a speech every day. In the year 1895, 11 Ganpatis were at Shaniwarwada in Pune, and the next year 31, and then the number crossed 100. Gradually, the Ganpati festival extended to other big cities of Maharashtra like Ahmednagar, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Thane.

In this way, thousands of people gathered every year for the Ganpati festival and big leaders used to work to give it the color of nationalism. In this way, the people’s enthusiasm towards the Ganpati festival increased and the nation’s consciousness increased.

Today Ganesh Utsav pandals have become competitive with each other. In Ganesh Utsav, the inspirations are getting far away and unity among those who celebrate it remains a mere name. This time we should organize once again and celebrate Ganesh Utsav with such joy so that unity and brotherhood can increase in society. Only then will our worship be meaningful in the true sense.

Ganesh festival(Utsav) played a very important role in the country’s freedom movement. In 1894, the British made such a law in India that more than 5 people could not gather at any place nor could they perform in groups anywhere. This law is still applicable today, this law is called section 144.

How Burhanpur celebrate Ganesh utsav?

For the arrival of Ganapati Bappa in burhanpur, devotees make pandals a few days before in advance, orders are placed months before in advance for making the Murti. Before making the Murti, worship is done by the Mandal, then devotees give orders according to their own choices. On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, the Mandal of Burhanpur bring the idols of Ganpatiji with great joy & worships them, and placed them in pandals.

Take advantage of the prasad by worshiping, in which some people also offer Chappan bhog, modak, motichur ladoo, etc. Different types of programs are organized for 11 days, there are competitions in some places like – dancing, singing, sports, lemon race, chair race, and at some places Mandal organises Jagran throughout the night.

These days there is a lot of enthusiasm in the markets about Ganesh Utsav. 6-inch to 31 feet Ganesh Murtiya have been made in Burhanpur, which is from 50 rupees to 1 lakh rupees. POP is banned in Maharashtra, so from Burhanpur to Mumbai, including Amravati, Muktainagar, and Jalgaon. From other cities, people are coming to Burhanpur to take Murtiya made of POP, many people had booked orders before 2 months in advance, at this time most of the markets of the city are decorated with Ganesh Murtiya.

Every year Murtiya are taken from Burhanpur to many cities and villages of Maharashtra, The creativity and detailing of murtis are quite impressive. the finishing of the Murtis done by the artists is so good, which is very much liked. small Murtiya of Ganeshji is also being sold on hand carts from place to place.

Burhanpur’s famous Ganpati

There are many places in Burhanpur where Ganpati is very famous such as Gaushala (Gaushala ka Raja), Tilak Hall (Hinduo ka Raja), Sindhipura (Gulal ka Raja), Durga Maidan (Bhagwa ka Raja), Lalbagh (Lalbagh ka Raja), Chowpatty (Phoolon ka Raja), Lalbagh road (Tapti ka raja), Nehru Hospital (Burhanpur ka raja), At some places Jhaankiyan has been made which gives a special and important message. Phawara chowk and Rajpura are the places where Jhaankiyan has been organized.

Visarjan at Burhanpur

Ganpati Visarjan takes place according to different places, some of the places are Tapti ghat, Chota pull, Hatnoor dam, and Raj ghaat, Satara. While visarjan Incidents also happen like drowning (डूबना). so special precautions are taken care of at each ghat. A swim team of the Police Home Guard is also present at all the places of Visarjan.

Before the Visarjan, the devotees carry the Murti on the bridge and worship it.
Visarjan of large Murtis is done after a day. Devotees take the Ganapati murti for Visarjan by roaming the markets with great pomp, playing lezhim, using DJs, with a huge crowd in the market, and enjoying Ganeshji Visarjan with great enthusiasm.
Numbers are given by the police in the Visarjan of Ganpatiji in Burhanpur, according to which the Ganesh Visarjan takes place.

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