Chai Sutta Bar Burhanpur

Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar Burhanpur

CHAI SUTTA BAR is India’s fastest-growing Chai chain. Which started the year back in 2016. The founder of CSB is Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak after some time joined by Rahul Patidar. They are known for their uniqueness & values in every corner of India. In 2016 they started their journey with three outlets in Indore (Madhya Pradesh). Slowly they became more popular among the youth in every city and the brand becomes the most loved tea chain in India. After surviving many cities in India CSB expanded to three other countries. CSB is creating memories day by day. Chai sutta bar Burhanpur is a franchise outlet.

Chai Sutta Bar Burhanpur

Chai Sutta Bar Burhanpur

In April 2022 Chai Sutta Bar burhanpur marks its presence in Burhanpur. The franchise is taken by Mr. Rupinder Keer, owner of Gurusikh Mall. The youth of Burhanpur get attracted to it, especially the kulhad chai. As a brand famous tagline “Jo Bhi Chai Piyega Humare Desh ki Mitti ko Chumega”. It also gives flavored chai. As per our personal choice, we like Elaichi chai. In Burhanpur youth are organizing the event in CSB as an open mic event. The operation hours are 8:00 am to 11:59 pm Monday to Sunday.

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Chai Sutta Bar Burhanpur Menus

Along with chai or coffee, Chai Sutta Bar burhanpur serves many other items such as –

Note : This rates are on August, 2022. Rate list will be updated. Check rate list once at the outlet.

ChocolateRs 15/-Hot coffeeRs 20/-Plain cold coffeeRs 70/-
RoseRs 15/-Strong coffeeRs 25/–Choco cold coffeeRs 80/-
Elaichi Rs 20/-Chocolate coffeeRs 25/-Strong cold coffeeRs 80/-
PaanRs 20/-Strong choco coffeeRs 30/-Cold coffee with Ice creamRs 80/-
KesarRs 25/-Black coffeeRs 30/-Brownie cold coffeeRs 90/-
Tulsi Rs 25/-BURGERCSB special coffeeRs 100/-
MasalaRs 25/-Veg burgerRs 50/-MILK SHAKES
LemonRs 25/-Veg cheese burgerRs 60/-Vanilla shake
Rs 80/-
PIZZAVeg paneer burgerRs 70/-Strawberry shakeRs 80/-
Margherita pizzaRs 80/-Veg cheese paneer burgerRs 75/-Butter scotch shakeRs 90/-
Veggie delight pizzaRs 90/-Veg salsa burgerRs 75/-Oreo shakeRs 90/-
Onion pizzaRs 90/-Veg maxican burgerRs 80/-Kitkat shakeRs 90/-
Sweet corn pizzaRs 99/-CSB special burgerRs 85/-Creame jelly shakeRs 90/-
Paneer wrapped pizzaRs 99/-SandwichesDairy milk shakeRs 90/-
Extra cheese loaded pizzaRs 110/-Corn masala sandwichRs 50/-Brownie shakeRs 90/-
CSB special pizza Rs 115/-Sev onion sandwichRs 50/-Bubble gumRs 99/-
PASTAChilli chatpata sandwichRs 55/-Romance candyRs 99/-
Red sauce pastaRs 90/-Bombay kaccha sandwichRs 55/-Black currentRs 99/-
White sauce pastaRs 110/-Jam sandwichRs 55/-MOJITO
BITESVeggie grillRs 60/-Classic mojitoRs 70/-
Maska bunRs 25/-Cheese chutney sandwichRs 65/-Black cobraRs 70/-
Garlic bunRs 35/-Chocolate sandwichRs 65/-RaspberryRs 70/-
Plain garlic breadRs 35/-Paneer takatak sandwichRs 70/-MASALA LEMONADE
Cheese garlic breadRs 50/-Tandoori sandwichRs 70/-StrawberryRs 60/-
French friesRs 70/-Paneer special sandwichRs 80/-Green mintRs 60/-
Masala friesRs 80/-ICE CRUSHERLitchiRs 60/-
Garlic shotsRs 80/-StrawberryRs 50/-OrangeRs 60/-
Cheese shotsRs 90/-kiwiRs 50/-PineappleRs 60/-
Loaded friesRs 99/-BlueberryRs 55/-kiwiRs 60/-
Plain maggieRs 50/-Plain ice teaRs 50/-
Double masalaRs 60/-Leamon ice teaRs 60/-
ShezwanRs 65/-Classic ice teaRs 65/-
Corn cheese maggieRs 65/-
Vegetable maggieRs 70/-
Cheese and butter maggieRs 75/-
Tandoori maggieRs 75/-
CSB special maggieRs 80/-
Paneer maggieRs 80/-
Note : This rates are on August, 2022. Rate list will be updated. Check rate list once at the outlet.
Self-Service in chai sutta bar burhanpur

Chai sutta bar burhanpur takes self-service. A customer has to go to the counter & buy a coupon after paying the bill for the item they want. Then the customer has to give that coupon to the serving counter. When the dish gets prepared at the service counter they announce a table number. And customers have to receive by their selves.

Location in Burhanpur

GuruSikh Mall, New Market, Near Telephone exchange building, Shanwara Road, Sindhi basti, Burhanpur, (MP) India 450331

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Why Burhanpur is calling the historical place?

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