Holi Celebration in Burhanpur 2024

Why Do We Celebrate Holi?

In this article we will take a look of the Holi Celebration in Burhanpur. Many ancient fasts and festivals are celebrated in the Hindu religion, out of which Holi is considered to be the oldest festival. This festival of happiness is associated with Prahlad, a devotee of Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Vishnu. On the day of the Holi festival, Holi of colours is played with Gulal and Abir across the country and the festival of colours is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

This sacred festival of colours is also considered the messenger of spring season. This festival is celebrated with many names and ways in different parts of the country. The special thing is that in Braj, the festival of Holi starts with Vasant Panchami and from the same day Holi is played with Gulal. Because this festival is celebrated in the month of Phalgun, it is also known as Phalguni.

Holi Celebration in Burhanpur
Holi Celebration in Burhanpur

Holi is a traditional festival in the Hindu religion and culture. The Poornima (full moon) of each month has some festival or special significance in Hindu Sanatan Dharm. In the same sequence of celebrations, Holi is celebrated as a spring festival on the Poornima (full moon day) of Phalgun month.

History of the Holi Festival

There are three stories about Holi Festivals as per the Hindu culture and religion. So now we will take a short look at the history of the Holi Festival.

The Story is Related to Bhakt (Devotee) Prahlad

As per Hindu Dharm, Holika Dahan is celebrated or remembered in the memory of Bhakt Prahlad (Devotee Prahlad). Bhakt Prahlad (Devotee Prahlad) was born in Rakshaskul (demon clan) but he was a devotee of Bhagwan Narayan (Lord Narayana). His father Hiranyakashyap did not like his Ishwer Bhakti (devotion to God), hence Hiranyakashyap gave many types of Jaghanya Kashta (heinous troubles) to Bhakt Prahlad. His Bua (aunt) Holika was blessed with such a cloth that she could not be burnt if she sat in the fire wearing it.

To kill Bhakt Prahlad (Devotee Prahlad), she wore clothes and sat in the fire with him in her lap. As a result of Bhakt Prahlad (devotee Prahlad’s) Vishnu Bhakti (devotion to Vishnu), Holika got burnt and even Prahlad’s hair did not become shiny. This festival started being celebrated to celebrate the victory of devotion over power. Along with this, the festival of colours gives the message that one should give up vices like Kaam (lust), Krodh (anger), Moh (attachment) and Lobh (greed) and concentrate on worshipping God.

Pavitra Prem (Pure Love) of Shri Radharani and Shri Krishna

The Holi festival is connected with the love of Shri Radharani and Shri Krishna. In Pouranik (mythological) times, the celebration of Holi started with the Barsana Holi of Shri Krishna and Shri Radharani. Even now the Lathmar Holi of Barsane and the Nandgaon is famous all around the world.

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Kamadeva’s Tapsya (Penance)

As per Shivpuran, Himalya’s daughter Parvati wanted to marry Bhagwan Shiva (Lord Shiva) and she was doing Kadi Tapsya (rigorous penance) and Bhagwan Shiva (Lord Shiva) was also engrossed in Tapsya (penance). Indra deva also had a hidden interest in the Bhagwan Shiva-Devi Parvati’s marriage that Tarakasura was to be killed by the son of Bhagwan Shiva and Devi Parvati. For this reason, Deva (gods) like Indra sent Kamadeva to break the Tapsya (penance) of Bhagwan Shiva (Lord Shiva). To break the samadhi of Bhagwan Shiva, Kamadeva attacked Shiva with his ‘flower’ baan (arrow). Because of the (Prem) love and (Kaam) lust in Shiva’s mind due to that baan (arrow), his Samadhi (trance) was broken.

Angered by this, Lord Shiva opened his third eye and burnt Kamadeva to ashes. After Shivaji’s Tapsya (penance) was broken, the Devas (gods) convinced Bhagwan Shivji (Lord Shiva) to marry Devi Parvati. The Devas (gods) celebrated this day as a festival to celebrate Kamadeva’s wife Rati getting the Vardaan (boon) of her husband’s Punarjivit (resurrection) and Shivaji accepting Parvati’s marriage proposal. So based on this, the Vijay (victory) of Saccha Prem (true love) is celebrating by symbolically burning the spirit of Kaam (lust).

Holi Celebration in Burhanpur

Holi is a festival that is celebrating all over Bharat (India) but there are major areas in north India and in center India in our Madhya Pradesh. So now will take a look at Holi celebration in burhanpur. Old traditions are still alive in Burhanpur of Nimar, Madhya Pradesh.

Shri Krishna Mangal Parisar

Shri Krishna Mangal Parisar which is located on Railway Station Road in Burhanpur. Every year at Shri Krishna Mangal Parisar Holi is celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness with eco-friendly colours. Also, people have been celebrating it with flowers and Multani Mitti. In the Parisar a pass facility is available before 10-15 days of Holi. People book their passes and join the celebration with traditional looks and outfits.

Shri Gokul Chandramji Mandir (Temple)

Gokul Chandramaji Mandir (Temple) which is located near Mahatma Gandhi Statue Burhanpur it is a famous mandir of burhanpur. There is a special type of Holi is celebrated between mother-in-law and daughters-in-law.

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law forget their disputes and resolve differences by applying colour to each other. The tradition of Holi has been going on for 50 years on the lines of Barsana of Mathura-Vrindavan. During this, Kirtankars perform musical Kirtans and sing the songs of Shri Radhakrishna’s Holi. All these programs are on the lines of Barsana.

Old traditions are still alive in Burhanpur of Nimar, Madhya Pradesh. Holi of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is considered to be the most special in this. Arguments and disputes often arise between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. But in this tradition which takes place in Shri Gokul Chandramji Temple located in Itwara, Burhanpur, love blossoms between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Every year on the occasion of Holi, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have a special Holi. It is like the tradition of Mathura-Vrindavan, which is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Shri Gokul Chandramji Temple.

Utsav Water Park

Utsav Water Park which is located on Badharpur Road in Burhanpur. Utsav Water Park also organizes an event on Holi for celebration. They also provide a pass facility to people to join the Holi. Because it is a water park lots of people go to play Holi at the water park with families and friends.

Bhagoria Utsav at Nepanagar

In the tribal areas of MP, the haat market organized during the preparations before Holi is called Bhagoria Utsav. Bhagoria is famous in different parts of the state. A huge crowd of people is gathering at Bhagoria Haat for Holi shopping. People of the tribal community arrive in Bhagoria Haat in large numbers dressed up. Tribal communities wear colourful clothes during the festival. Bhagoria fair is organized in Nepanagar of Burhanpur.

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